Unified Front of China

The Unified Front of China represents the combined military forces of communist China, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and Taiwan, the Republic of China (ROC). The UFC’s headquarters are located on Taiwan.


Unlike the United States of America or the Soviet Union, the PRC remained in the background of the world history at the height of the Cold War and the subsequent Lunar War against the BETA. It was only when the BETA made landfall in the west of China, Kashgar in 1973 that the PRC took center-stage as the first nation to encounter the BETA on Earth.

Despite the numbers of the PRC’s People’s Liberation Army, they were unable to hold back the BETA advance due to the sudden introduction of the Laser-class BETA. Their only saving grace was the BETA’s almost single-minded push into Eurasia early on in the war; even the combined might of the Soviet and Chinese armies, along with Korean and Vietnamese volunteer forces, could not keep the front-line safe from the BETA advance for long. In the later part of the 1980s, the Soviets, despite maintaining relations with the PRC, finally withdrew their forces from Chinese territory, and by the mid-1990s the BETA had driven the PRC itself off the Asian mainland.

While PRC leadership was initially reluctant to entertain the notion of an alliance with Taiwan, the Republic of China, the total retreat of Soviet forces from Chinese front-lines essentially forced their hand. Negotiations were numerous and difficult, but the PRC finally managed to establish a military and economic aid alliance with Taiwan,1 which expressed acceptance of the PRC’s communist government in 1987, resulting the two nations pooling their resources and forming the UFC in order to continue their war against the BETA.

Despite their alliance, both nations were initially separated from each other in almost all affairs, with a chain of command independent of both nations’ military. While officially announced as a means to prevent confusion between the usage of eastern and western weapons systems, the separation was intended as, and initially used as a buffer by the PRC to prevent a gradual integration with the Taiwanese government.

However, with rumors of the completion of a new BETA-based weapon by the United States in 1990, the UFC began to place renewed interest in the recapture of the Chinese mainland. For the first time in the UFC’s history, a joint technology exchange was initiated, and the two allied nations began working closely with each other.


Unlike the European Union which is closer to a supernation, the Unified Front of China is a military alliance, with the government structures of the member nations intact and unchanged after the merger. The two allied governments are the Chinese Communist Party centered in The People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Nationalist Party centered in the Republic of China.

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Unified Front of China

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