Character Creation Guidelines

1. Characters will start out with 60 Stat points. (Use the Skill Point calculator in the book for Skill Points.)

2. We will not be using the Profession bonus system. This also means we will not be using the rookie template system.

3. Despite war times, regulations dictate that you must be 18 to be recruited. You do not have to be at least 18, but you must be old enough and have the means to fool authorities into thinking so.

4. Lifepaths are not required.

5. Your prior wealth is irrelevant in the military. Military pay is given once you graduate cadet training.

6. Basic clothing, equipment, and weaponry will be provided. After cadet graduation you will manage your own funds and equipment.

7. You will not use any of the Mekton Zeta Plus book for character creation.

8. Your education stat needs to be appropriate in comparison to your back-story. Use the book’s education description as reference.

9. Hard skills are capped at 3 at the beginning of the game.

10. Regular skills are capped at 5 at the beginning of the game.

Character Creation Guidelines

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