Angelina "Lina" Fressange

Up beat young girl with streaks of red and green in her long blonde hair and a definite talent in the designs of the many mechs


I was born during the height of the destruction. Born to a mother and father I never had the pleasure to meet. I remember being in my mothers arms, the strong and calloused touch of my father, but even that memory has begun to fade. Mere days after my birth I was abducted and flown away, apparently one of the first to be evacuated. The only solace I received from this terrible event was meeting the one who would come to raise me. I arrived in France not even a week since my birth, delivered to Inez Fressange. She’s a beautiful woman and a brilliant scientist, supposedly great friends with my parents, but no matter how I ask she will never tell me details of them. To this day my only knowledge of my parents is that they died in the attacks, making sure I was safe. But despite this, I’ve never really been saddened by that information. Ms. Fressange has really become the only one I can think of as a parent, and the only one there for me throughout all of this.

The days of my youth are all but a blur, I remember nothing but the joyful times I had with Ms Fressange, and how blissfully unaware of all of the fighting I was. No one could bring me down and I couldn’t believe any of the fighting was happening in my world. But another brutal reminder came as Fressange and I were forced out of our home to evacuate once more. It appeared the front lines were getting closer and closer and we needed to leave now or our safety could no longer be guaranteed. I still miss the stuffed rabbit I left back there as we left in such a hurry.

It seemed that every year or two we were forced to move once again. I lost track of how many times after the 7th move, but It wasn’t all bad as some of my friends moved to the same areas we did. But every time we moved, it never seemed to trouble Ms Fressange. She’d pack her things in an hour and be ready to leave while I took two to pack half of what she did. Maybe she just knew that we’d need to move sooner or later and prepared in advance, or maybe I’m just bad at packing. I never cared enough to find out. Time flew by and the interruptions became just another part of life. But everything began to change on my tenth birthday in Spain. Or was it Portugal, I honestly can’t remember. It was then that Ms Fressange decided to start teaching me. I never really knew until know but Fressange was working on the development of the Operating Systems used by the military in their TSF creations. It took a minute to sink in, but I realized how truly incredible her work was after a bit of thinking. She was one of the key members behind development and improvement of the core systems every TSF required to work, and she was going to teach me how to do so as well. The task seemed impossible the day she informed me, but Fressange was a great teacher and knew not to overwhelm me, though raising me probably helped her figure out how to teach me too. I started from the ground up, but within a year I was able to grasp what she was doing. Not how she was doing it mind you, I still had no clue how to figure out what code to use to do most things, but I was able to read what she showed me and understand the desired effect, which was definitely a large step.

At first I was learning alone, and that was true for a while, but over time I gained two friends who began to learn with me. There was a young girl named Ruri who quickly caught up to me in my studies despite the two year age difference. She was short with long white hair and the absolute highest compliment she gave the average person was not calling them an idiot. She was my best friend. No, she was my sister. When it became apparent that she had no home to call her own, Fressange took her in. In all our time together, I’m positive she spoke more words to me alone than she ever had to anyone else combined. Then there was Joffrey . Fucking Asshole. The Military forced Fressange to train this dipshit, and I don’t know how she put up with it. He was rude, obnoxious, picky, and he had absolutely zero control over his emotions. This was made much worse by the fact that he reacted to most things with one emotion, anger. If it wasn’t his way, he’d throw a fit, which was great coming from a guy 5 or 6 years older than me. Thank god Ms Fressange was done with him within a quick year, any more than that and I might have killed him myself. The moment he left, I realized just how great life was, even under these crisis situations.

She would teach me in addition to my regular studies, and this kept up for many years. I slowly managed to develop my own Operating Systems for some of the smaller robots, though a full Operating System for an actual TSF was never really meant to be in my grasp. There were too many people working and improving it day by day for me to ever really do their job on my own, but I was at a point where I could participate. Around this time I was in high school, going through the standard training that was now required of everyone; obviously preparation for pilot training as that became the worlds primary need, above even food and water. I was never great at the physical portions but I was never even contested when it came to the TSF knowledge and skills during the simulations. There were even times when I outsmarted the instructors, but that would be obvious given my teacher. As far as I knew, no one ever made the connection between me and Ms Fressange, but if they had I highly doubt I would have lived as relatively normal of a life as I have. That is, until the day I graduated at least. That was when Ms Fressange told me of the fate of my family. I already knew how my mother and father passed, but it was hard being told that everyone in my family had died in much the same way. I was stunned. I always knew in the back of my head that that was most likely the case, but I guess I always entertained the idea that a few of them were still alive somewhere and just didn’t know about me. After I calmed down, Ms Fressange told me about my mother and father, not their names but their personalities. She told me that my family was a secret I wasn’t supposed to be told, but one that I was supposed to find. With tears in her eyes she gave me my starting point and told me what I needed to do, but suggested I stay to prepare for just a bit longer. I didn’t have the heart to leave that quickly, so I stayed and prepared. Prepared for the day I would become a pilot. Prepared for the day that I would be able to know my family and prepared for the day that I would leave the most caring and amazing woman I’ll ever know. Those days were filled with happiness but also hard work, the combination of which turned an hour into a day, and a day into a month. Before I knew it, half a year had passed and I set off, leaving with nothing but a sack of clothes, a handful of pictures, and a flood of tears.

It didn’t take long before I arrived at the Naval Base set up to accept new recruits. Training was done in bulk so as to speed up the process and it appeared I was one of the first to arrive for the batch, giving me plenty of time off before the training officially began. One of the only other new volunteers was a man named Karl Wachelmayr, a great technician only a few years older than me. Despite my only past with males being with the dipshit, Karl was a great person to meet and after spending a little time with him I knew there was a lot we could teach each other. Luckily, after the basic prep and training we were put into the same squad, so it was clear we would be spending a little more time with each other.

Angelina "Lina" Fressange

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