TSF Creation Guidelines


-You are not permitted to have a crew

-We will not be using the Tech Construction Table penalties on your first mech due to military mechanic assistance ensuring quality control. This may come into play later.

-Ignore the parts unknown and Big Science sections of the MZP (Mekton Zeta Plus) book.

-All missiles and projectile ammo must be purchased one time and will be refilled after every battle.

-Ammunition does not take up space, but its storage bay must be indicated in the case of an ammunition malfunction.

-Weapon mounts are banned. In the case of requiring more space, you may use the -1 Kill for +2 Spaces rule found in the MZC (Mekton Zeta Core) book, or the Space efficiency systems found in the MZP book.

-You are required to state your armor type for all armor plating using the chart on Page 22 of the MZP book. Note: Standard Armor is just a x1 multiplier, so you may leave your costs unchanged for a DC of 1.

-We are ignoring Fuel Weight and consumption rules.

- You are not permitted to build a mechafighter class mech. (A Plane.)

You may not purchase:

Internal Automaton function

Shadow Imager function

ESPer Lens function




ANY Stupid Mekton Tricks (Page 91) from the Final Touches section. (This includes SFX.)

Require Specific Approval

-Remote Control Systems

-Energy Pool Weapons

-Transformation (And Transformable Options)


TSF Creation Guidelines

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