BETA – Extraterrestrial beings that invaded Earth in 1973 after making contact on the moon in 1968. They exhibit unpredictable behavioral patterns and have always been hostile when in human contact.

Hive – Insect like nests that are created by the BETA. They are thought to produce new BETA offspring and serve as a sort of home base for BETA movement. The first Hive was the Kashgar Hive, located in Kashgar, the westernmost city in China.

MMU – Mobile Manned Unit. Mecha-like construction unit created by mankind for construction in space. It has many human like movements, and due tothis odd design choice, served as the precursor to TSFs.

TSF – Tactical Surface Fighter. Large mecha-like machines that are designed specifically to combat the BETA. They are usually humanoid although they can often be animal-like.



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