Empire Of Japan

The Empire of Japan is an island nation located on the eastern rim of the Pacific Ocean, and part of the Far East Defense Line situated in the Pacific region. A small but technologically-advanced nation surrounded by water and close to highly volatile volcanic activity, these natural barriers, however, have not stopped the nation from coming under heavy BETA attack.


In 1867, the Shogunate family and anti-Shogun daimyo united for a common cause to overthrow the pro-western government, and established the restoration of imperial rule with a new Shogun and the 5 Regent Houses of Koubuin, Ikaruga, Saionji, Kujo, and Takatsukasa. When the Japanese surrendered in 1945 at the end of World War II, they were allowed to keep their imperial government intact, although their power over the nation was lessened, compared to the Japanese government that was created to run the nation with a democracy system.

When the Cold War started shortly after the end of World War II, Japan was pulled in by the United States to act as their main Far East base, with the island nation undergoing controlled rearmament, supported by US funding, to keep the Soviets in check. However, the BETA invasion in 1973 threw a wrench into the plans of every nation, and even Japan, far removed from the center-point of the conflict at that time, felt the need to arm itself with anti-BETA tactics and weapon systems.

The nation remained relatively safe from the BETA from 1973 to 1997, largely because of the enormous distance between the BETA’s landing at Kashgar and their subsequent battles with Chinese and Soviet forces. Nevertheless, Japan was often called upon to provide aid in the form of auxiliary forces and materials.

In 1998, the BETA crossed into Japanese territory and made a shocking advance that overtook half of Japan’s land before 1999. As a result, the Imperial Army underwent a force restructure, becoming the combined Imperial Japanese Army/Mainland Defense Force, or IJA/MDF. In recent months, the BETA have established the Yokohama Hive prompting Japan to plan a preemptive strike on the Hive.

Imperial Diet

The current administration of Japan is more focused on an elected board of politicians known as the Imperial Diet, with governing power mostly residing with the Prime Minister of Japan, the third highest administrative authority in the nation. They are responsible for most of the administrative policies of the Empire, such as the decision to deploy troops overseas.

Armed Forces

The armed forces of the Empire of Japan are some of the more war-experienced military that have fought against the BETA. Since the 1990s, Japan’s military forces have been involved in various operations both abroad and local. Because of their combat experience, the Empire of Japan’s military is regarded as roughly equal to the Soviets’ and the United Kingdom’s.

Currently, the armed forces are split into several distinct branches; the Imperial Japanese Army/Mainland Defense Force, the Imperial Japanese Aerospace Force, the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the Imperial Royal Guard. In particular, the Mainland Defense Force and Imperial Guard’s roles in the defense of Japan have influenced the strategic goals of the nation as a whole, and thus are the most readily recognized Japanese forces.

The Empire of Japan’s role in the Far East Defense Line is similar to that of the United Kingdom’s strategic location and purpose on the European front, and as such both nations maintain a close relationship in terms of military cooperation and tactics sharing.

Foreign Relations

Japan retains close relations with the United Kingdom, as both factions consist of island military that often perform missions overseas making use of extensive sea-travel rather than space travel. The nations additionally cooperate often, sharing troops and Intel for similar purposes.

While Japan and the United States have close agreements involving technological development and resource trade, tensions between each faction’s political authorities over disagreements on upcoming plans concerning the BETA.

Empire Of Japan

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